Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hour 8: Thanks to Some Dear Friends...

And, we're back!

I just realized that I have been horribly remiss in thanking some dear friends of 7000 BC.

So without further adieu, let's all say "THANKS" to Scott and the gang at Comic Warehouse, who were kind enough to donate 50 (that's right, I said "50!") $10 Gift Certificates for all of our participants!

That's a lotta cash, you betcha!

Thanks, Guys!

And a very special thanks to Henry and all the gang at Lobo Comics and Anime for donating these for our almost hourly raffle:
Take a second to look at those titles. We are talking first rate comics here, folks!
Thanks again to Henry for his generous support! It's so nice to have friends...

Meanwhile, the comic creation continues!

More works in progress, and a couple of people shots.

They're still smiling

Group shot 8 hours in.

It looks like "Hickey B. Cummin" is er, uh, coming along...

"So the search continues..."

What's she looking at?

Thumbnails for Aliina's whole comic...
Be back soon with Hour 9!

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