Saturday, October 2, 2010

Annnnnd, We're OFF!

Hi Kids!

I guess it's a good thing we started early onaccounta I'm finally ready. Last minute prep and running around and whatnot.
We have 14 and there are also some folks from a class are on the way, and yes, it IS still early.
Firstly, we want to thank our sponsors, without whom this would kinda suck since we are a non-profit and as such really don't have any money. So I want to give a great big SHOUT OUT to the following folks:

Loveland Farms Drive-Thru Convenience Stores: Yes, I said drive through. You don't even have to get out of the car, which makes it ever so convenient, especially if you're lazy. They gave us loads and loads of foodstuffs and NoS energy drinks, soda, bologna, cheese, beread, Hostess Snacks, and stuff like that to get us through.

Winning Coffee Company , an Albuquerque treasure (Jeff said so, and I agree). They have been a friend to 7000 BC for years and they gave us a couple of huge urns of already brewed coffee (how convenient is that?) which is being heartily consumed.

La Montanita Coop, for all the fresh fruit and veggies!

Asia, who generously donated lots of bagels!

Pictures to come!


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