Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hour 10: Hour 9 Got Lost in the Time Warp!

I looked up and said. "Whoa, where did Hour 9 go?" I can only surmise that it was a time warp.



We don' need no stinking table!

And then there's...

Concentrated Aliina, now with MORE---CONCENTRATION!

Deep in the throes of creativity, but at least he's hydrated.

GYAAAHH! Suspense! Intrigue! Just what a comic needs...

FLOP and "MEEP!"

His name is Bug

Montserat, happily toiling away.

As Hour 10 draws to a close, the giggles seem to be setting in for some of our intrepid creators. And what's that? Spontaneous outbursts in harmony!

It's gettin' weird.

But in the immortal words of one of my heroes, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson,

" still hasn't gotten weird enough for me..."


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