Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hour 15 and 16: The Wee Hours

We are still slogging along.

Here's proof:
The Gay Robot Saga continues. I wonder if the neighborhood is still hopeless.

Bagles or Donuts? The debate rages on--literally!

Nola said the title is "Donuts" so I guess I got my answer. Or did I?

Sarah and her Unfathomable Arrogance, which is not to say that Sarah is unfathomably arrogant. Quite the contrary. She's quite pleasant.

And Montserat labors on...

Antonio works away on "The Arroyo".

And finally for this hour, Linda:
She's completed her whimsical tale. I particularly like the dancing teddy bears.

I like the bunny in the above picture.
Who wouldn't?

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