Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hour 24: And There Just Ain't No More!

It's over!
Once again, not marring her perfect record, Aliina finished! We're all so proud, I can tellya.
Here she is displaying the G-Rated page of her comic Artichoke (which I named, randomly).
I don't think that too many people can make the claim of finishing every time out of the chute!
Good job!

And here's Deimosa, who also finished 24 pages!

Jessie, who almost finished her tribute to Mr. Shakespeare.




It's a wrap!

See you next year!


Hour 23: And We Have 3 More (and 1 mere microns away)!

Winding down and we have 3 more finishers (inking doesn't count) and Mike, who was microns away, but his brain gave out.

Sarah and "Unfathomable Arrogance," a tale of fallen gods and goddesses, which has a happy ending, I'm happy to announce!

Nikki and The Gay Robot's Hopeless Neighborhood.

Alas, the neighborhood is still hopeless...

Mike: So close!

Christian and "The Boredom Returns"
Next up, we wind it up with Hour 24!

Hour 22: The DieHards!

You gotta love it!
These folks embody the old saw,

"Winners never quit, and quitters never win!"

Despite exhaustion, frustration, temptation, enervation, grim realization, and maybe moral reservations, they stuck with it.

If you ask me (and despite nobody asking),

they're all winners!
Max, even though he came in at 2 p.m.
Exciting Economic Combat Action!
Hey, Deimosa! What's the first rule of BOOK CLUB?
Aliina, who has always stayed for 4 years!
And emphatically, has finished EVERY TIME!
Not many can say that, I'll tellya!
These, Ladies and Gentlemen, are your 24 Hour Comics Day Champions!

Hour 20: We Have a Finished Comic!

Well, I managed to catch a couple of Z's.
Wouldn't you know it, while I was snoozin', Reed finished his comic,
"The Creation of Nothing".
So please join me in congratulating Reed on being
the first of our little band to actually finish!
And I missed the triumphant moment, dang it!

And here he is...
But undeterred, the process continues.

Montserat continues to make progress on her creation, the title, we now have learned is "EXIT".

While Max diligently plugs away on his comic, "Exciting Economic Combat Action".

Wow! That's intriguing.

Not often you get use the words "Economic" and "Combat" in the same sentence.

You know, every year we do this I find myself amazed at the tenacity of our folks.

While the rest of the world slumbers, we toil away at our labors of love in the hopes of finishing, probably glad we only do this once a year.

Around this time of the morning, I find myself thinking that, too.

That is, until next year...

Hour 17: DON'T SLEEP

I am going to seriously try and follow my own advice, which is:

This is my official (well, not OFFICIAL, per se. I mean it hasn't been blessed by the 24 Hour Comics Day folks or anything. I just find it appropriate for this occasion) 24 Hour Comics Day shirt. I wore it last year and will probably wear it again next year.
Even so, I seem to be snoozing. Maybe I'll just go with it. Hopefully I won't awaken a pod person, since that's where the shirt came from: "The Invasion," the less than successful movie of a couple of years ago that was actually yet another remake of "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers", the 50's classic science fiction movie.
Cool shirt, though, eh?
At least for 24 Hour Comics Day...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hour 15 and 16: The Wee Hours

We are still slogging along.

Here's proof:
The Gay Robot Saga continues. I wonder if the neighborhood is still hopeless.

Bagles or Donuts? The debate rages on--literally!

Nola said the title is "Donuts" so I guess I got my answer. Or did I?

Sarah and her Unfathomable Arrogance, which is not to say that Sarah is unfathomably arrogant. Quite the contrary. She's quite pleasant.

And Montserat labors on...

Antonio works away on "The Arroyo".

And finally for this hour, Linda:
She's completed her whimsical tale. I particularly like the dancing teddy bears.

I like the bunny in the above picture.
Who wouldn't?

Hour 14: Here's Courtney!

Here's Courtney, peeking out from under one of her pages. She's an old friend from the past, who now resides in Austin, Texas. I just got off the phone with her and she says she'll be back in about a year. She's completed her comic, "Your Number" and she's sending me the pics later this morning, so hopefully we'll have something from her for your edification, but for now, here's a tease.
Gotta wonder what he means by "Now... Please get in the hole."

Thanks, Courtney!
We miss you!