Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hour 20: We Have a Finished Comic!

Well, I managed to catch a couple of Z's.
Wouldn't you know it, while I was snoozin', Reed finished his comic,
"The Creation of Nothing".
So please join me in congratulating Reed on being
the first of our little band to actually finish!
And I missed the triumphant moment, dang it!

And here he is...
But undeterred, the process continues.

Montserat continues to make progress on her creation, the title, we now have learned is "EXIT".

While Max diligently plugs away on his comic, "Exciting Economic Combat Action".

Wow! That's intriguing.

Not often you get use the words "Economic" and "Combat" in the same sentence.

You know, every year we do this I find myself amazed at the tenacity of our folks.

While the rest of the world slumbers, we toil away at our labors of love in the hopes of finishing, probably glad we only do this once a year.

Around this time of the morning, I find myself thinking that, too.

That is, until next year...

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