Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hour 11: Oh, the Devastation! or Hungry Creators!

Boy Howdy, I guess we were hungry, huh? And nine pizzas later (thanks to our anonymous donor), this is what's left...

And all that food fueled this:

Erik, knit 1, perl 2 and create an aMAZEing work of art
(look carefully, the hands are knitting a maze)

Melina. Her characters seem to be having hair loss issues...

Remember "THE Beast"? Splash page is just about finished.

Pretty colors and a Native American motif...

Jessie and Deimosa are still at it.

Y'know, there are a lot of these 24 Hour Comics Day events going on all over the world. For the BIG PICTURE, go to the 24 Hour Comics Day 2010 website and see what's happening in places like Lapland (where they are finished, by the way...), Nigeria, Finland, Vermont, Rancho Cucamonga and other exotic locales.
More to come from beautiful dowtown Albuqueque!

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